All of our units have full kitchens

(Stove, Fridge, Microwave, Toaster, Coffee maker, Pots, Pans & Dishes, Charcoal Grills)

The rooms are also equipped with linens & Towels (to be used in room only)

2014 Rates

                                in-season                off-season

  May23-Sept 03

#1  two Double beds                                                     $75                           $55

#2  one King & Futon                                                  $75                            $55

#3  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                 $93                            $73

#4  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                  $93                           $73

#5  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                 $93                            $73

#6  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                  $93                           $73

#7  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                   $93                          $73

#8  one Queen, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                  $93                           $73

 #9  two Double beds                                                      $75                           $55

 #10 two Double beds                                                       $75                           $55

#11 one King, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                 $101                           $81

#12 one King, two Twins & Sofa/Sleeper                 $101                           $81

Each one bedroom unit is priced for 3-people

Each two bedroom unit is priced for 4-people

Each additional persons will be charged $9.00 per night.

We do run specials during off season and also give great deals for those

who would like to stay a longer duration. Give us a call !!

During the months of  June, July & the first week of August

 we only take reservations for Saturday - Saturday only,

any other time of the year we will do our best to work around your schedule.

During any Holiday Weekend ,We must have a 3-nights stay commitment.

Thank You !

Reservation Policy

We truly appreciate all of our guests and strive to be fair to everyone while maintaining a solid business policy to ensure the future of Cedar Wood Resort.

As a reservation is taken, we make a commitment to the guest by removing the rental from the market for sale, and guest is responsible for all days reserved.

All reservations will need to be secured by a valid credit card number, and from that time will be responsible for all dates reserved. The deposit requested will need to be received by the given date or forfeiture of the reservation will take place.

In cases of cancellation

 All deposit monies and responsibility for remaining amount due for full reservation will be refunded / released  only if the full reservation is resold.

The more time given to us to resell the reservation the better chance we have of reselling / releasing you of your responsibility

  If a reservation becomes a "no-show", the full amount due will be charged to the credit card number used to secure the reservation, or turned over to a collection agency and will be responsible for any and all legal fees.

We are a small resort that takes pride in our place and appreciates our customers, We don't have the luxury of overbooking our rooms to allow for cancellations. However we usually have a waiting list that gives us a good chance of reselling reservations.

Thank You for your understanding and cooperation !

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Resort Layout

The Lake and Boat dock are about 1 city block from Resort.


1-Bedroom Units #1  #2  #9  #10

See Diagram Below


2 -Bedroom Units  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  #8

&  Deluxe Units  #11  #12

See Diagram Below


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